Land & Sea Newfoundland
Training Group

The Newfoundland Dog is well renowned for its working abilities. The original ships dog, it was frequently found on shipping vessels and has been used for taking ropes ashore, retrieving fishing gear and rescuing humans. It has also been used as a draft and sled dog. Once at dock, the Newfoundland was hitched to a cart to transport the catch of the day to the market. In some areas, they hauled milk and even the mail to the local community.

Its immense strength and thick double layered coat make it ideally suited for the work it does, and it's gentle nature has endeared it to people throughout history.

To help preserve these traditions, the NCA water tests and draft tests were designed. Each exercise demonstrates the natural abilities and the skills of the Newfoundland dog in water work and rescue situations as well as with carting and draft work.

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